About Us

Only at Lane Crawford

Our “Only at Lane Crawford” proposition is driven through the creative freedom we have to invent and lead though our unique point of view in everything we do. Our Buying team search the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle for the most exciting brands and product, always striving to find the new and first, curating an “edit” with a distinct point of view that creates desire for our customers. We create one-of-a-kind discovery experience in our stores, with inspirational creative environments, exciting activations, and events. We build long-term relationships with our customers by knowing them intimately, anticipating their desires, servicing their needs, and rewarding them through our membership programme.


Everyone at Lane Crawford needs to apply the skills and mindset of Explorers & Scientists. We find joy in discovery, inventing and creating, whilst managing the business by making sound commercial decisions backed up by data. Our business is all about balancing “the art & the science” to bring joy to our customers, every day.

We stand by our VALUES

PASSION: we strive to build a positive attitude, an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere, and a sense of trust and energy around change.
LEARNING: we are creating a strong learning culture, sharing knowledge and experience in an inclusive way. We encourage experimentation and development and provide opportunities to learn and develop, to share ideas and skills to deliver success.
COLLABORATION: We embrace diversity of views and remove barriers to facilitate joint working, helping others to own work fully, aligning our teams around common objectives and shared success.

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