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At Lane Crawford, being an Explorer is all about being curious and wanting to  learn more about the world. Lane Crawford citizens are adventurous and look  for inspiration every day to challenge the status quo. We take all these exciting  ideas to push our business and customer experience to even greater heights. Being a Scientist is all about gathering insights from data and experiments,  pushing ourselves to learn through trial and error. To stay ahead of the game,  we proactively look for solutions to come up with the best way to serve our  customers. Miracles are deliberate, and Lane Crawford citizens make them  happen.

We stand by our VALUES
PASSION: we strive to build a positive attitude, an inspiring and encouraging  atmosphere, and a sense of trust and energy around change. LEARNING: we are creating a strong learning culture, ensuring we include  everyone in the process, providing opportunities to learn and develop, and to  share ideas and skills to deliver success. COLLABORATION: we are removing barriers to joint working, helping others to  own work fully, and aligning all of our teams around common objectives.

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