Lane Crawford invites top talent to join.

Your personal data in connection with your application for employment with us (including but without limitation this application form for employment) may be used by LCJG Limited and/or its related companies (including its subsidiaries and affiliates and companies held in common control) (“we” or “us”).  Your personal data may be provided to us by submitting this application form and/or obtained during your discussions, interviews, meetings, assessments and/or other forms of communications with us (whether orally, in written form or otherwise), including but without limitation via email, WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and/or other communication, social media and digital/electronic platforms and applications.   


Your personal data will be collected, used and stored strictly in accordance with our personal data policy at For any question about your personal data, please contact our data privacy officer at ( ). We will not use your personal data or transfer your personal data to any third parties other than for the purposes of considering your application for employment with us.


By submitting this application, you consent to the use of your personal data for this purpose and you declare that the information given by you is true and correct, and you authorize us to investigate any of the statements or information contained in it. You understand that if you provide false information or withhold material information you may render yourself liable to dismissal from any employment with us.


LCJG有限公司及/或其關聯公司(包括其附屬公司、子公司和共同控制的及聯屬公司)(”我們”)可能使用與您的職位申請和相關事宜(包括但不限於本職位申請表) 有關您的個人資料。您的個人資料可以通過提交此申請表提供給我們、和/或在您與我們的討論、訪談、會議、評估及/或其他形式的交流中(無論是口頭,書面形式還是其他方式)獲得,包括但不限於通過電子郵件,WhatsApp,Zoom,Microsoft Teams及/或其他通信、社交媒體和數碼/電子平台及應用程序。


您的個人資料會嚴格按照我們的私隱政策  收集使用及儲存。有關您個人資料的任何疑問,請聯繫我們的隱私專員( )我們不會將您在職位申請中提供的個人資料轉讓給任何第三方用作我們考慮您的職位申請以外的其他用途。




Further, I authorize LCJG Limited and its related companies (including its subsidiaries and affiliates and companies held in common control) and agree to provide the required information or documentations to complete the background verification and/or reference check with my former companies for the purposes of relevant pre-hire compliance check processes.




We provide our employees a range of benefits reflecting the importance we place on well-being for our staff. In addition to competitive salary, discretionary bonus, annual leave, provident fund, medical and dental services/ benefits and staff purchase privileges,  we also provide shuttle buses to the Company Head Office and various social recreation activities, Staff Assistance Programme, best in-class training and development and regional career opportunities to the right talent.


我們為僱員提供一系列的員工福利,反映我們重視員工福利的重要性。 除了具競爭力的薪酬、酌情獎金、年假、強積金,醫療及牙科服務/福利以及員工購物優惠外,我們還提供來往公司的穿梭巴士服務以及各種員工康樂活動、僱員支援服務、在職培訓以及區域性的工作機會給予合適的人才。


We are an equal opportunity employer. All information provided will be treated in strict confidence and used for recruitment purposes only.