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Learning & Development Activities 学习与发展活动

  • To develop, implement and conduct training which motivates, builds competence and improves performance


  • To create a partnership with the Retail Management Teams and the store staff which stimulates transfer of training, return on training investment and improves store results


  • To be an expert on the service standards for Lane Crawford and to use this expertise to ensure the consistent delivery of the standards through on-floor coaching and feedback and service training initiatives.


  • To conduct annual training needs analysis based on annual appraisals and Department Head’s feedback on their teams


  • To implement training initiatives which address development needs identified by training analysis and PDP


  • To work with CRO to understand Mystery Shopping result and provide training interventions to provide sustained service improvement


  • To facilitate activities to maximize learning opportunities and buy in to the Lane Crawford culture,such as team building and annual dinner etc.


  • To provide coaching to help individuals identify the appropriate resources and interventions to most effectively accomplish their personal objectives



Facilitates Learning 促进学习

  • To demonstrate and reinforce the Values that support the Lane Crawford Vision and to role model our Service Promise


  • To champion learning and development of our Training Specialists and Department Coaches, work closely with them in an ongoing basis with regular meetings, on-job coaching, reviews and follow through


  • To maintain close ties with all of our stakeholders, acting as internal consultant and offering L&D solutions


  • To leverage technology on course development, delivery and monitoring all training results and effectiveness


  • To develop training knowledge and stay up to date on current and most effective staff development approaches through reading appropriate journals, internet use and sharing of ideas with colleagues


  • To stay current on operational standards, procedures and resources and organization development initiatives to enhance ability to provide a value added service and maximize business results


  • To support omni-channel through L&D activities that continuously enhance our seamless customer experience



Measurement 评估

  • To measure the success of learning and development activities and make recommendations on how to improve and upgrade training based on results achieved


  • To work cooperatively and collaboratively with the Training Team and other departments to ensure training initiatives are well received and the impact monitored with agreed measurement criteria


  • To seek frequent feedback on training initiatives looking for ways to constantly improve the learning opportunities for employees


  • To assist with the capture of quantitative training data, provide reports and relevant information as required


  • To get stakeholders involved in our Training Cycle from training needs, to course content, from ‘piloting’ a new course to evaluation and follow through in order to gain full commitment and buy-in



Company Culture and Values企业文化与价值

  • To fully engage and live by the Lane Crawford Vision, Passion, Learning, Collaboration (PLC) Values, and deliver our Customer Service Promise at all times
  • To build collaborative working relationships with your colleagues to ensure the achievement of the Company Business Plan, your department and individual objectives


  • To reinforce Lane Crawford Heritage, Brand DNA and culture - through storytelling and sharing successes at every opportunity


  • To personally demonstrate the Lane Crawford Leadership Code Behaviours and use these as a tool to coach and develop team members and colleagues


  • To fully participate in the PDP process, developing knowledge and understanding of your team member strengths and development opportunities using PDP Tools


  • To take appropriate corrective action (in consultation with HR Department) with employees who do not achieve required standards of performance and behaviour


  • To build a personal connection with each team member, taking time to understand them individuals and identify ways to motivate, retain and engage them



Job Segment: Training, Manager, Learning, Education, Management, Human Resources

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